About the Artist

My name is Laurie Manz and I am an artist who lives in Ingomar, Pennsylvania with my husband, Chuck, and our furry children! My family, furry and non-furry, has been a driving force throughout my life. Our home has always been filled with many dogs and cats that have enriched our lives. Art has also been a huge part of my world. Through the years I have worked in many mediums with oil painting being my favorite. Many paintings of well loved pets grace my home and the homes of loved ones.

Recently, I found a way to combine two of my passions. I’ve begun painting for local animal shelters in the Pittsburgh area to help raise money for the animals.  There is so much need. So many animals are euthanized every year. Animal shelters are swamped. The answer is education and spaying and neutering. The animal portraits that I paint for these shelters is a small way I can make a difference in the world of these innocent souls.